Its cancers turn to be afraid!

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Our Story:

          Fight Like a Kid was started by Bianca Maderal when she learned she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Bianca decided to start a foundation to help other children, like herself, fight for their life. Fight Like a Kid is a nonprofit organization registered under 501 (c)(3). Our goal is to raise money to fund childhood cancer research, to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and to inspire teens and children who are surviving all kinds of cancer.

          In December 2015, Bianca presented with a first-time seizure right in the beginning of her senior year in high school. She was rushed to the hospital and ran every medical test possible. After being two months in the hospital, her doctors were unable to find the cause of the shadows they found in her brain. The next step was to undergo an open, right temporal craniotomy biopsy. She was then diagnosed with eight tumors- stage three multifocal anaplastic astrocytoma. Her form of brain cancer is extremely rare and most commonly seen in people ages 30 - 50 years old, she was only 18. Her tumors require aggressive treatment and it has been a long / gruesome battle. 

          In February 2016, she packed up her life in Miami, Florida and moved to Baltimore, Maryland for eight weeks where she began her initial treatments of chemotherapy and radiation at Johns Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Now Bianca is seen by both her doctors in North Carolina at Duke Hospital and Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami where she lives with her supportive family. 

          Being diagnosed with cancer inspired her to open her very own nonprofit organization, Fight Like a Kid. Bianca aspires to put a smile on the faces of those fighting the fight by providing help and inspire hope through nonprofit, dedication, education, and support. With Fight Like a Kid she sends care packages across the nation while hosting several fundraisers a year to collect funds for the most prestigious clinical trials and research done for childhood cancer. She also hosts local parties within and outside the hospital for children suffering cancer. 

          As Bianca has always been devoted to her studies while going through her cancer treatments, her passion in working with children continues to grow. From her diagnosis and doing all that she does with Fight Like a Kid, she has a goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist and encouraging pediatric cancer patients and their families that its cancers turn to be afraid!